A Drone Flew High Above Each Region Of New Hampshire And Caught The Most Incredible Footage

Whether you live in New Hampshire or simply visit often, you’re probably in love with this state for a lot of reasons. There’s the history, the local businesses that keep communities thriving and the fact that we’ve always known this place. It’s familiar. It’s home. But, perhaps one of the most important things about our state is the sheer beauty of each and every region. That’s why, when we came across this incredible drone footage, we couldn’t help but share. It features everything we love about the Granite State. See the full version below!

There’s more where that came from! This bird’s eye view of New Hampshire’s fall foliage is mesmerizing. Take a look and remember how much we have to look forward to right here in the Granite State.

Address: White Mountain National Forest, Livermore, NH 03812, USA