A Castle Was Built And Left To Decay In The Middle Of New Hampshire’s Woods

New Hampshire is full of history, from the type we learn in school as a child to the kind that exists within the stories passed down through families. It’s all interesting and worth sharing, but what we love most is the history that’s a bit lesser-known. Some history lessons don’t tell us much about the state, but do teach us about human nature and what life was like before we were around. This abandoned castle, one of the most interesting ruins in New Hampshire, is a great example.

What are some of your favorite lesser-known spots in the state that teach us about New Hampshire? Let us know in the comments!

To find Madame Sherri’s castle you can take a 2.3-mile hike through the forest. This easy loop trail will let you enter another world at Madam Sherri Forest in New Hampshire!

Address: Madame Sherri Forest, West Chesterfield, NH 03466, USA