A Short But Beautiful Hike, Beede Falls Trail Leads To A Little-Known Waterfall In New Hampshire

The world isn’t perfect, but the way we enjoy New Hampshire can be! When things feel insurmountable, we get outside and let the breeze, the sound of the trees and the chirping of birds help restore us. And then, when we feel a little better, we get right back to the work it takes to make this world a better place. If you’re feeling the same way, but also feel short on time consider this hike. It won’t take all day and it leads to a beautiful waterfall.

You can learn more about the Beede Falls Trail on alltrails.com. And when you want to see a waterfall, but aren’t in the mood to exert yourself we have just the thing! These 10 unbelievable New Hampshire waterfalls are hiding in plain site…no hiking required!

Address: Beede Falls, Sandwich, NH 03227, USA