Are you ready for an adventure unlike any other? The longest zipline in New Hampshire takes you 4,969 feet down the side of a mountain at speeds up to 65 miles per hour. Sound like fun? Continue reading to learn more about the best zipline in New Hampshire.

Have you ever ridden the zipline at Attitash Mountain Resort? We’d love to hear about your adventure! This certainly is a ride of a lifetime and once you do it, it’s kind of hard not to tell others about it. Where is the best zipline in New Hampshire that you have been on? Share your favorite with a comment.

If you’re looking for more adventures in the beautiful and vast White Mountains then check out this awesome hike near Franconia Notch State Park. Even better, book this Adirondack-style cottage near the park for an adventurous getaway.

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longest zipline in New Hampshire

What are some other places I can zipline in New Hampshire?

Some other places to zipline in New Hampshire include:

  • Alpine Adventures
  • Gunstock Mountain’s zipline
  • Loon Mountain Resort zipline


With all of the beautiful and awe-inspiring mountains, we have right here in New Hampshire then it should be no surprise that we also have amazing zipline adventures. Sometimes it just feels right to go hand over fist and climb our way to the top of these incredible summits. Then other times it just feels good to let the rush of the zipline take us all the way down. Not too far away from Attitash, you can find Alpine Adventures. They have plenty of zipline action for you. Also if you head on down to Gunstock then you are up for another amazing ride with Gunstock Mountain’s zipline. Then of course there is the incredible ride at the Loon Mountain Resort to check out. You can even take this rush-of-a-ride during the winter. 

What other things can I do in the White Mountains?

A few other things to do in the White Mountains include:

  • Hike to Arethusa Falls
  • Swim in Ripley Falls
  • Take a photo in the Silver Cascades
  • Hike to Mount Willard
  • Crawford Notch Lookout in Elephant Head


While you are in one of the most beautiful areas in New Hampshire, the White Mountains can fill any day with adventure. With so many options we could recommend a lifetime of things to do. To simplify these though we can keep it to just amazing places near Attitash Mountain Resort. If you want to go hiking here are some of the best options. Arethusa Falls is the biggest waterfall in New Hampshire and is stunning. Standing at the bottom of this amazing fall is just awe-inspiring. Right next to it is another amazing waterfall called Ripley Falls. Continuing up the road you can visit Silver Cascades for a quick picture or spend time climbing the rocks. Further, up route 302 you can find the trailhead for Mount Willard, which will give you one of the best views of the Crawford Notch from the summit. Check out these awesome places to explore in the Crawford Notch area. Then for a quick hike up make your way to Elephant Head for another great look out of the Crawford Notch.