Walk Through 272 Acres Of Rock Formations At New Hampshire’s Sculptured Rocks Natural Area

When comparing New Hampshire with other states, particularly those out west, some folks get the idea that we’re not quite as impressive. Sure, our peaks might be smaller along with the overall size of the state, but those who think that they won’t be impressed by New Hampshire’s landscape have a lot to learn. We recommend they start with a visit to this beautifully unique natural area.

Sculptured Rocks Natural Area is always open, but during the off-season, it’s not staffed and comfort stations are not open. Pets are allowed as long as they’re on a leash. You can learn more about on the official New Hampshire State Parks website. Or you can reach them on 603-227-8745.

To enjoy more of the outdoors visit Rainbow Falls. It’s an easy hike in New Hampshire that leads to a secret waterfall!

Address: Sculptured Rocks, Groton, NH 03266, USA