The 11 Very Best Places To Go In New Hampshire This Spring

While it might feel like spring will never come, rest assured that (at least for now) seasons are pretty reliable. The hard winters in New Hampshire give way to the absolute best summers and in between we have the magic of spring. It’s a strange time of year – with the fluctuating temps and rain – but it’s also one of our favorites. There’s nothing like the first string of days when the weather is warm and we remember why we stick around for the winter. In anticipation of these days coming soon (we change the clocks in just a few days!) we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite attractions. While you might be able to do a lot of them year-round, we think they’re especially great in the spring.

And, just in case our predictions are incorrect and we are in for a much longer winter than expected you might as well make the best of it. Check out these 10 winter attractions that will keep you warm until it’s time to hit the beach. Whenever that may be!