You’ll Absolutely Love These Scenic Railway Routes Through Nevada’s Gold Country

The Virginia & Truckee Railroad Company has offered steam tourist train rides since 1976. Based in Virginia City, the railroad offers three scenic railway routes through Nevada’s gold country: the Virginia City-Gold Hill Route, the Carson City-Virginia City Route, and the Carson Canyon Route. Each of these spectacular tours provides not only a glimpse into the Silver State’s storied gold rush history but is also chock-full of panoramic views as train tracks wind through the picturesque landscape. Take a look at these amazing scenic railway routes.

These scenic railway routes should be atop any history buff’s bucket list. Additionally, the V&T Railway offers specialty train rides like the Christmas-themed Polar Express, the Toast of the Canyon Wine Tasting Train, and the highly entertaining Dinner and Melodrama Train. For more information on any of V&T’s scenic railway routes or specialty rides, please call (775) 847-0380.

Have you taken any of these amazing and historic scenic railway routes through Nevada’s gold country? Please share your thoughts and experiences below.