12 Amazing Nevada Hikes Under 3 Miles You’ll Absolutely Love

Nevada is home to numerous hiking trails throughout the state. For the novice hiker—or one who just doesn’t have a lot of free time—the Silver State also has several shorter hiking trails for hikes under 3 miles. From the splendor of Red Rock Canyon and Great Basin National Park to neighborhood parks with scenic trails to alpine lake trails, here are 12 of the most amazing Nevada hikes under 3 miles.

Nevada is a great place to hike, and with the large variety of hikes under 3 miles across the state, hikers of all ages and skill levels have many options. Whether you are looking for a quick and easy early morning hike, a lunch break jaunt, or a take-your-time picnic hike, there are several shorter hikes throughout this wonderful state. Have you had the pleasure of hiking any of these trails? Did I leave any of your favorite hikes under 3 miles off this list? Please share your thoughts, experiences, and comments below.