The World’s Largest Chevron Can Be Found Right Here In Nevada

With a population of 0 residents (yep, ZERO), the town of Jean, Nevada isn’t exactly a poppin’ vacation destination. It’s mainly considered a commercial hub, with the exception of an official town post office and courthouse. However, it’s here that you’ll find what’s been officially named the world’s largest Chevron gas station. The massive gas station was built in order to accommodate the thousands of travelers that pass through the Nevada-California state line every single day, and it’s actually pretty epic. This pitstop has all kinds of bells and whistles, so plan your next road trip accordingly so you can see it for yourself.

Did you know that Jean was home to the world’s largest Chevron? Our state is just full of weird surprises like this one. If you thought this was cool, be sure to read about The World’s Largest Gold Nugget That’s Right Here In Nevada.

Address: 1 Goodsprings Rd, Jean, NV 89019, USA