The World’s Best Shrimp Cocktails Can Be Found Right Here In Nevada

Most states have their own iconic food: from Maine’s lobster roll to Missouri’s Kansas City barbecue to Florida’s key lime pie to Maryland’s crab cake to Illinois’ deep-dish pizza and beyond. However, Nevada seems to be the outcast of the group with no specific signature dish. In fact, in a fairly renowned publication, Nevada was ranked #49 with its signature dish listed as “Nothing.” That’s pretty sad, if you ask me. Therefore, I—and others, in fact—propose that the delicious shrimp cocktail be deemed the Silver State’s iconic food because, indeed, the world’s best shrimp cocktails can be found right here in Nevada.

There you have it. Millions of Nevadans can’t be wrong. Do you think Nevada has the world’s best shrimp cocktails? Where is your favorite, or would you like to share your killer recipe? Please share your thoughts below while I run out to fulfill my shrimp cocktail craving..

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