This White Water Adventure In Nevada Is An Outdoor Lover’s Dream

It’s a well-known fact that Nevada is an outdoorsman’s paradise. Adventures like hiking, camping, boating, and rock climbing are all just a stone’s throw away in our great state. In fact, there’s even an excellent white water adventure that’s just begging to be accomplished! Nevada’s Truckee River has long been a treasured site for outdoor enthusiasts, and it’s here you’ll embark on the most spectacular white water rafting trip you’ve ever been on. Keep reading to learn all about this trip and be sure to add it to your bucket list right away.

So, do you think you’ll accomplish this white water rafting trip anytime soon? This is seriously a must for any Nevadan who loves the outdoors. For more must-do activities, check out this list of 10 Epic Outdoorsy Things In Nevada Anyone Can Do.