This Nevada Car Forest Is One Of The Most Unique Places You’ll Ever Explore

Located off Highway 95 south of Tonopah and near the former boom town of Goldfield, this incredible rural Nevada car forest is an outside art exhibit that was the brain child of longtime area resident Mark Ripple who conceptualized an outdoor space where artists could express themselves on abandoned cars, trucks, and buses with whatever creative medium they desired. Thus, in 2002, the International Car Forest of the Last Church was born. Soon after Ripple started his project, Reno resident Chad Sorg saw a lone car buried in the dirt near Goldfield and became inspired. After learning it was part of Ripple’s brainchild, Sorg moved to Goldfield where he continuously creates art at this fascinating Nevada attraction.

Sadly, Ripple and Sorg had a falling out, and Ripple—who owned the land—is not there anymore. The car forest remains and will likely outlast those who planted it as well as contributing artists.

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