There’s A Themed Hotel In The Middle Of Nowhere In Nevada You’ll Absolutely Love

Themed hotels and motels are all the rage. When one thinks of a themed hotel in the middle of nowhere, Nevada, Tonopah’s Clown Motel comes to mind; however, this article is about lodging visitors will love. If you aren’t afraid of creepy clowns or ghosts, then, by all means, consider checking out the Clown Motel. However, for those of us who are more, um, sane, here’s a better choice.

In a state that loves its old western and mining heritage, it makes sense that there would be several such themed resorts. However, for a truly fun themed hotel far from the hustle and bustle of big-city Nevada, the Bonnie Springs Motel Resort is a themed motel in the middle of nowhere you will absolutely love. Take a look.

Bonnie Springs Motel is part of the larger Bonnie Springs Ranch that is chock-full of activities (and some ghosts as well, as is the case with pretty much all of Nevada); however, there hasn’t been any reported paranormal activity in the motel. For more information, please call (702) 875-4400 or visit their website or Facebook page.

Have you visited this wonderful themed hotel in the middle of nowhere Nevada? Please share your thoughts and experiences below.

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