The Story Behind This Top Secret Nevada Lakebed That Nobody Knows Exists Is Downright Intriguing

Located in the Groom Lake Valley area of the Tonopah Basin sits a top secret Nevada “lake” of which not many people are aware. Groom Lake is really a dry pluvial (heavy rain) lakebed comprised of sun-parched clay that has been smoothed to glass-like flatness from 15 million years of desert winds and sweeping water. Its close proximity to Area 51 has given it top secret status in the discussion of whether aliens exist and whether there is any evidence of extraterrestrial life being studied (and perhaps hidden) in this small area of Nevada.

Here is an interesting Google Earth video of the Groom Lake and Area 51 layout.

One can only speculate about whether aliens do, in fact, exist; however, if there is an area that could provide some sort of proof, Groom Lake in Area 51 is it. Have you passed by the area, heard any intriguing stories, or viewed this top secret “lake” from its Tikaboo Peak vantage point? Or better yet, do you work (or know anyone who works) at the Nevada National Security Site who has shared intriguing stories? Please share your thoughts and stories below.

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