Not Many People Know About This Sovereign Nation Hiding In Nevada

While packing for your long-awaited vacation to Nevada, the last thing you’d think about including is your passport (if you live within the United States). If you think about it, Nevada is completely surrounded by U.S. territory. A passport would be kind of useless, right? And if you’re a Nevada resident, you wouldn’t think about carrying a passport around with you on a daily basis, would you?

As you explore the Silver State, pay super close attention if you happen to cross over into the Dayton area. “Why?” you ask. Well, you just might stumble upon Kevin Baugh’s property. You see, his property isn’t what you’re used to seeing in your home community. His property is actually a 1.3-acre sovereign nation: The Republic of Molossia.

The Republic of Molossia was originally established in 1977 as the Grand Republic of Vuldstein by Prime Minister Baugh and his friend, King James Spielman I. King James Spielman I was forced to abandon his throne, leaving Prime Minister Baugh in command. Today, his nation refers to him as “His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh.”

If you do decide to visit Molossia, there are several things that are prohibited from the area, including incandescent light bulbs, plastic shopping bags, catfish, fresh spinach, walruses and anything from Texas–except Kelly Clarkson.

Once inside Molossia, you’ll need to exchange your dollars for Valoras, which just so happens to be the official currency. Valoras can be used to purchase a variety of souvenirs, including t-shirts, autographed photos, official Molossian postage stamps and handmade Supremo Soap, which is Molossia’s main export.

Keep in mind, before visiting The Republic of Molossia, you must give “His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh” a two week notice of your arrival. He’ll be happy to greet you in full uniform and give you an unforgettable tour of Molossia. Passports aren’t actually required, as previously stated. However, if you choose to bring along your passport, “His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh” will stamp it so you can show everyone you visited the smallest (imaginary) nation in the United States.

Sure, photos of Molossia are great. However, a video tour is so much better. The following is an interesting video of “His Excellency, President Kevin Baugh” giving a tour of Molossia. This sovereign nation is UNREAL. See for yourself:

Have you ever heard of Molossia? What are your thoughts on this small sovereign nation?

For more information on The Republic of Molossia, and to see a variety of photos, be sure to visit their website.