10 Shocking Things You Didn’t Know About Area 51 In Nevada

Many conspiracy theorists believe Area 51 is hiding the remains of crashed UFO spacecraft. In case you’re not familiar with Area 51, it’s an Air Force base that’s located approximately 150 miles outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s also known as Groom Lake or Dreamland.

Numerous UFO sightings have taken place within Area 51. Some individuals have even claimed to have met and interacted with aliens. Can you imagine being approached by an alien? Supposedly, this has happened to several people.

Recently, Major Charles Frank Bolden, Jr., the current Administrator of NASA, confirmed that extraterrestrial life does exist. Does it really? I mean, are aliens really out there? There’s a wide variety of information available regarding Area 51. Some of it is factual, while most of it is based on what others have experienced, which lacks proof.

If you think you know everything there is to know about Area 51, think again. The following video contains 10 interesting facts about Area 51 that may surprise you.

Which of these facts surprised you? Do you believe aliens or alien spacecraft are being hidden at Area 51? Please share your thoughts below!

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