These 11 Beautiful Byways In Nevada Are Perfect For A Scenic Drive

There’s no denying that Nevada is one of the most beautiful places in the U.S. The scenery can’t be beat! With that being said, one of the best ways to experience Nevada’s beautiful scenery is to take a scenic drive. Not sure where to begin? Let us help you out. Listed below are 11 Nevada byways that will show you how beautiful the Silver State truly is. We think they’re the best scenic drives in Nevada, in fact!

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Have you taken any of these scenic Nevada byways? In your opinion, what are the best scenic drives in Nevada? Share your favorite routes in the comments below!

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Best scenic drives in Nevada

September 07, 2021

What’s the most scenic drive in Nevada?

One of the most scenic drives in Nevada has what’s perhaps the least beautiful name: The Death Drive. This drive may not sound very promising at first glance; in fact, it sounds downright dangerous. However, those who brave this strangely named scenic road trip are in fact rewarded with some of the most spectacular destinations that southern Nevada has to offer. Taking you through valleys, mountains, and everything in between, this road trip will have you utterly mesmerized from beginning to end. You’ll start this iconic road trip by driving west from Las Vegas on NV-159 W. This highway takes you through some of the region’s most incredible landscapes, including the world-famous Red Rock Canyon NCA and the gorgeous Spring Mountain Ranch State Park. This stretch of the trip shows that there’s *so* much more to Las Vegas than The Strip, which is something we Nevadans know quite well!

Are there any scenic backroads in Nevada?

Nevada is a beautiful state with many mountains, canyons, waterways, and stunning scenery. From the bright red rocks of Red Rock Canyon, Valley of Fire, and Gold Butte to the many mountain ranges and glorious and scenic canyons, the Silver State is chock full of natural charm, gorgeous sights, and some of the best back roads for a long picturesque day trip. If you are looking for a lengthy, panoramic scenic drive, these eight beautiful backroads are, by far, some of the best scenic drives in Nevada.

What are some beautiful places in Nevada?

The Silver State is a true natural beauty, full of deep canyons, haunting deserts, vibrant valleys, and commanding mountains. We love to take in the state’s beauty on the open road, and the above list of the best scenic drives in Nevada all offer travelers the chance to revel in the state’s splendor. But if you’re looking for a list of places to add to your bucket list, these 15 spots are all spectacular.