Take A Trip To This Remote Retreat In Nevada To Get Away From It All

In the northeast corner of Nevada lies a retreat so remote it requires at least three hours of driving over gravel roads to get there. This remote Nevada retreat is called Jarbidge Wilderness, a beautiful area covering 113,000 acres of high mountains and deep canyons, tucked away in northern Elko County.

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Jarbidge Wilderness was established as the first ever protected wilderness area in Nevada in 1964. Jarbidge and Emerald lakes, the headwaters of the Marys and Jarbidge rivers, and Salmon Falls Creek are all within its footprint. It is comprised of a combination of timbered areas, open desert ranges, rock formation and volcanic cut valleys.

At the bottom of the Jarbidge River’s canyon near the north end of the Jarbidge Mountains sits the picturesque town of Jarbidge. Whether you stay the night here or camp in the wilderness, you will truly be refreshed and revitalized on your remote Nevada retreat.