This Pristine Ghost Town In Nevada Is Actually Paradise And You Have To Visit

Nevada may be referred to as the “Silver State”, but it could just as easily be called the “Ghost Town State”. We’re home to dozens of ghost towns and they make for pretty awesome places to explore. Most of them are old mining booms towns, leftover from the Gold Rush era. They’ve sat abandoned in the desert for over a century, waiting for the next urban explorer to stumble across them. The town featured here is no different, except for one thing. It might be the most serene ghost town of them all. Aptly named Paradise Valley, this place is just that—paradise.

Have you visited Paradise Valley? It looks just like heaven! Of the many Nevada ghost towns, Paradise Valley is a nice change from the eerie looking ghost towns that are so common in our state. Just look at these 12 Creepy Ghost Towns In Nevada.

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Nevada ghost towns

November 23, 2021

What’s the most famous ghost town in Nevada?

Nevada is well-known for its ghost towns (see the next question), many of which are quite famous among the ghost hunting crowd. Rhyolite is one of the state’s most notorious ghost towns. It was founded in early 1905, and in 1911, the mine was closed because it was operating at a loss. Rhyolite soon became a tourist attraction, and is home to Tom Kelly’s Bottle House and Goldwell Open Air Museum. Goldfield is another iconic Nevada ghost town; in 1923, a fire caused by a moonshine still explosion destroyed most of the flammable buildings in Goldfield. Some of the buildings that existed prior to the fire still remain standing such as the hotel and high school. Also, it’s believed that Goldfield Hotel is haunted.

How many ghost towns are there in Nevada?

Are you ready for this? There are over 600 ghost towns in Nevada. Yep — you read that right — 600! From relic-strewn ruins to old mills and mines to “living ghost towns” with cute B&Bs and still-open saloons, Nevada’s 600+ ghost towns — more than actual populated ones, no less — make the Silver State an unbeatable destination for ghost town adventures.

What are some other beautiful, abandoned places in Nevada?

On the border of California and Nevada, there is a place where time stands still. Bodie is a fascinating place that gives visitors a glimpse into life in the Old West. Now a historic site called Bodie State Historic Park, many of the town’s original structures still stand, including its notoriously haunted cemetery. Some 80 souls are buried here, most of whom did not perish from natural causes; but rather, they suffered unnatural and violent deaths. As a result, haunted tales abound about Bodie, including one story about a little girl named Evelyn who perished in a freak accident. When you visit Bodie, the air is thick with the tension of restless, unsettled souls.