If you live in or plan on visiting Las Vegas, Nevada this coming year with your family, you might be wondering what kid-friendly attractions and events can be found. It just so happens that there are plenty of fun activities and adventures that the whole family will love, and you can visit a handful of them in one go by buying a Pogo Pass in Las Vegas, Nevada. Once you buy the pass (which is valid for one full year), you gain entry into some exciting and unique attractions in the city – from zoos and waterparks to museums, sporting events, indoor playgrounds, and more. Be sure to use the code ONLYINPOGO to get 50% off, which drops the price to just $49.99 per person. Check out the list below to discover fun things to do with kids in Las Vegas, Nevada!

Things To Do With Kids In Las Vegas, Nevada

You might have the perception of Las Vegas as being primarily a party city catered toward adults, but you might be surprised to learn that there are quite a few kid-friendly activities that the whole family can enjoy. Following are a few attractions that the Pogo Pass grants entry to that are sure to bring joy to all, young and old.

Things To Do With Toddlers In Las Vegas, Nevada

Who’s to say that your little ones can’t enjoy a weekend in Las Vegas? While “Sin City” may not give the perception of being so friendly to your youngest children, you’ll be surprised by how much fun can be had by children of all ages in this bustling and exciting city.

Things To Do With Teens In Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is an exciting place to visit as a teenager. In addition to the fun kid-friendly activities mentioned above, teens can experience more fun attractions that they may not have enjoyed as much in their younger years. The activities below are all included with the Pogo Pass and will make for memorable experiences for older children and teenagers.

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Outdoor Attractions For Kids In Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re looking for fun in the Nevada sun for you and your kids, Las Vegas offers many family-friendly outdoor attractions. From extravagant water parks to exciting baseball games, your Pogo Pass will have you covered.

Indoor Attractions For Kids In Las Vegas, Nevada

If your family is craving relief from a hot summer day in Las Vegas, you’ll be thrilled to discover many indoor family-friendly attractions around town. Your Pogo Pass grants you entry to some of the coolest (literally) indoor entertainment activities that will easily pass the time and offer loads of fun for your whole family.

Unique Things To Do With Kids In Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re in search of fun and adventure that strays away from the typical activities for families visiting Las Vegas, you’re in luck! The Pogo Pass includes entry to some exciting and unique attractions that’ll create lifetime memories and have you anxious to return back for more fun next year.

Have you ever bought the Pogo Pass for Las Vegas? Which of these attractions have you explored, or which are you most looking forward to experiencing with the whole family? Let us know in the comments below!

If you’re looking for even more family-friendly attractions in Las Vegas, this indoor 5-acre amusement park is a blast for kids and adults of all ages.

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Pogo Pass Las Vegas FAQs

What is a Pogo Pass Las Vegas? 

Pogo Pass Las Vegas is an all-inclusive pass that allows you to gain entry to many exciting and unique family-friendly attractions around the Las Vegas, Nevada area. These attractions include waterparks, amusement parks, go-kart racing tracks, museums, aquariums, and more. These passes are valid for one year past the date of purchase, allowing ample time to take advantage of as many attractions, events, and events as possible.

How do I use the Pogo Pass? 

You can use your Pogo Pass by simply presenting your Pogo Pass barcode at any of the current participating venues as listed on the website. Please make sure to check availability at each venue by clicking the venue logo on the website, or by using the calendar.  Sporting events will require that you reserve your tickets under "events" on that team's individual page.

How do I get my passes? 

You can purchase your Pogo Passes via their website. After purchase, the instructions on how to use your Pogo Pass will arrive via email immediately. Ideally, Pogo Pass members will download the app and use their passes from any device. This allows you to also track pass usage, refer friends, and much more.  You can also print your passes from the "Passes" section in your account. Your pass will be scanned and admitted for complimentary general admission.

How do I purchase Pogo Pass as a gift?

If you want to purchase a Pogo Pass as a gift, you'll need to purchase it as a Gift Voucher. The Gift Vouchers will arrive as Gift Codes in the purchaser's confirmation email after purchase. These Gift Codes are meant to be used by the recipient as payment to purchase Pogo Passes with their own account information. 

The Pogo Pass Gift Codes will activate a 1-year membership when used to purchase Pogo Passes by the recipient (whomever you provide the gift code to).  Each gift code is good for 1 Pogo Pass regardless of the purchase price or any price changes.