This Overnight Ghost Hunt In Nevada Is The Creepiest Thing You’ll Ever Do

What do you get when you cross the most haunted town in Nevada with the most haunted building in that town? The answer is the Old Washoe Club. Virginia City is already renowned for its insane paranormal activity and number of haunted buildings. However, the Old Washoe Club takes the cake, and to prove it, you can experience an overnight ghost hunt where you and your group will be locked down in the club just like the guys on Ghost Adventures were (and during which time they recorded some crazy paranormal images and sounds including the first ever full body apparition.) Do you think you’re brave enough? Take a look.

I can’t think of a spookier place to spend the night. You really needn’t hunt for ghosts because they will probably find you.

The Old Washoe Club is open daily with varying operating hours. For more information, or to schedule an overnight ghost hunt, please call (775) 847-6647.

Have you been to the creepy Old Washoe Club? What about the overnight ghost hunt? Did you experience any paranormal phenomena? Please share your experiences below.