Nevada’s Most Notorious Haunted House Is Even Scarier This Year — Here’s Why

Well, folks, it’s that time of the year again—a time for costumes, candy, and haunts. Haunted houses have become increasingly, well, more extreme, scary, gruesome, you name it. Whereas many people enjoy getting the *&@# scared out of them, others (like me) don’t. If you are looking for a truly terrifying Halloween experience, Las Vegas’ Freakling Brothers Trilogy of Terror should be atop your list. Read on to see why Nevada’s most notorious haunted house is even scarier this year.

The Trilogy of Terror is open through the end of October and is located at 4245 Grand Canyon Drive (near I-25 and West Flamingo Road.) Tickets range from $15-$17 per house, or you can experience all three for $39. For more information, please visit the Freakling Brothers website, Facebook page, or call (702) 362-3327. If you are considering the Victim Experience, I would recommend reading more about it here and purchasing tickets early since it sells out quickly.

Since I’m a huge scaredy-cat, I’d like to know if you’ve visited this extreme and most notorious haunted house in Las Vegas. Please share your experiences below.