There’s something that feels oddly nostalgic about a good old-fashioned swimming hole. There’s no denying that technology has taken over our society in many ways, but there are certain outdoor activities that will never die. That’s why spending the day at a local swimming spot is one of those experiences that we always treasure. The McGill swimming pool is one of those places that’s been considered an iconic spot in the community. No matter how many years go by, this Nevada swimming hole will take you back to the good ole days. Let’s look at a few McGill Pool photos, shall we?

You’ll find the swimming hole by McGill Park near the north end of town. For more information, you can visit the McGill Pool website. If you are interested in a fantastic getaway in McGill, NV, book this gorgeous lodge for a great family vacation.

Have you visited this natural swimming hole in Nevada before? What’s your favorite local swimming spot? If you’re the type of person that likes to swim in peace and quiet, you’ll definitely be interested in this gorgeous waterfall swimming hole in Nevada.

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There are 36 stunning lakes in Nevada that are all worthy of a visit if you can find the time. Of course, Lake Tahoe is a can't-miss, it's iconic for a reason! Located in an impressive mountain range, the views are unbelievably inspiring. Walker Lake is located in Western Nevada and the mountain views from deep in the basin will blow your mind, though you may want to avoid this Nevada lake in the summertime! Another can't-miss lake in Nevada is Overland Lake, yet again surrounded by Mountains, this lake offers lots of wildlife viewing opportunities.

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