8 Natural Swimming Spots With The Clearest, Most Pristine Water In Nevada

Just thinking about the refreshing waters of these Nevada swimming spots makes us thankful that there’s still time to take a dip this summer. From swimming holes to hot springs with “cooler” temperatures (around 90-100 degrees), here are eight natural spots in Nevada with the clearest, most pristine water.

The Nevada swimming spots below vary in size and depth. You may not be able to swim laps at some or dive in at others (so don’t expect to practice your cannonball at all eight locations) but no matter what, you’re sure to get wet and make a splash before the sun sets on summer.

Warning: Always test the temperature of a hot spring before getting in. Wear water shoes or sandals to prevent slipping or stepping on something sharp. Some hot springs contain organisms that are harmful to humans; in this case, keep your head above water to be safe.

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