This Is The Most Unique Hotel In Nevada And You’ll Definitely Want To Visit

Nevada definitely has more than its share of hotels. In Las Vegas alone, there are dozens of hotels with more than 125,000 hotel rooms, including many of the world’s most expensive, glamorous, and unique. There are several other unique hotels in Nevada. Honorable mentions include the creepy Clown Motel in Tonopah, the Little A’Le’Inn in Rachel, the Silver Queen Hotel in Virginia City, the Atlantis Reno, and the appropriately named Goldfield Hotel in Goldfield. However, for a truly unique lodging experience, the Mizpah Hotel in Tonopah is, perhaps, the most unique hotel in Nevada. Read on and see why.

For more information on the Mizpah’s haunted history, take a look at my previous article on its ghostly residents.

If you want a truly unique hotel in Nevada, the Mizpah is definitely the place to visit. According to one visitor review, the Mizpah is “not just a hotel – it’s an experience!” Whereas Las Vegas—and Reno, to a certain extent—is home to more glamorous and ritzy hotels for which Vegas is known, Tonopah’s rife mining history provides another dimension to any visitor’s experience. Thus, if you are looking for a truly special (albeit haunted) and unique hotel in Nevada, the Mizpah should be high atop your list.

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