Drink Your Way Through Nevada On The Margarita Mile

There are few things as satisfying as the first sip of a tasty margarita on a hot summer day. There’s something about the taste of a classic margarita that just never disappoints. However, margaritas have evolved in a myriad of ways over the years and there are now an endless amount of flavor combinations to choose from. Taste some of Nevada’s best when you take on the Margarita Mile. The brief walking tour is comprised of five different restaurants which serve up a mean margarita that you’ll want to try for yourself. Spend the day drinking and dining on delicious Mexican classics and check it out!

What do you think? Are you up for Nevada’s Margarita Mile? Just remember to pace yourself and eat plenty of chips and salsa along the way! If you love exploring our state’s delicious cocktails, then be sure to check out The 9 Restaurants That Serve The Best Bloody Marys In Nevada.