Ranked One Of The Best Kid-Friendly Hikes In Nevada, Have Fun Exploring This Waterfall Trail In Red Rock Canyon

Nevada’s great outdoors is a haven for adventurers both young and old. With miles and miles of extraordinary trails to choose from, there are definitely a lot of great kid-friendly hikes to enjoy here in the Silver State. Ranked as one of the top kid-friendly trails in the state, the Lost Creek Trail in Red Rock Canyon is one that should be on every family’s bucket list. Eventually leading you to a lovely seasonal waterfall, this short  trail is one of the best hikes in Nevada because it is easy to traverse and the scenery is incredible from beginning to end. For an outing that the whole family can love, keep this scenic hike in Nevada in mind!

Have you completed this kid-friendly hike around Nevada? This looks like the perfect adventure for hikers of ALL ages. Do you agree it is one of the best hikes in Nevada? Let us know if there are others we should be covering!

Address: Lost Creek Trail, Nevada 89161, USA
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Best Hikes In Nevada

May 06, 2022

What are the top trails in Nevada to add to my bucket list?

There is so much open land just waiting to be discovered and explored in Nevada. With hundreds of unique hiking trails in Nevada, the Silver State is the perfect place to bring your sturdiest hiking boots and step out on the trails. There are a few trails in Nevada that we think you absolutely can’t miss. If you are a bit more experienced you may want to try the strenuous but rewarding Mount Rose trail in incline village. Daredevils may want to take the short but climbing intensive Calico Tanks trail. If you want something a little easier that you can do with the whole family you may want to try the Cave Rock trail in Glenbrook.

How many state parks are in Nevada?

Nevada has 23 state parks in total, which may not sound like a lot compared to many other states. However, we must keep in mind that a lot of these parks are absolutely massive, with the largest park in Nevada, Valley of Fire state park, clocking in at over 45,000 whopping acres! Take a look at our article if you are wondering which of these 23 pieces of land are the best state parks to visit in Nevada.

Does Nevada have any natural wonders?

It seems like Nevada has every type of natural wonder that there could possibly be to… well, wonder at! From craters to gorges and everything in between, it is hard to throw a stone without hitting one of the natural wonders in Nevada that will take your breath away. You can find a massive Lunar crater near Tonopah, a colorful geyser just north of Gerlach, and of course there is the unbeatable glory that is lake Tahoe.

Address: Lost Creek Trail, Nevada 89161, USA