It’s Impossible To Drive Through This Delightful Nevada Town Without Stopping

If you love visiting town’s that embrace and love their historical side, coupled with astounding scenic outdoor spaces, then Gardnerville is the perfect spot for you. The town’s charming old fashioned architecture makes a beautiful postcard picture under the towering mountain backdrop.

To get to Gardnerville, if you’re traveling from the south (Las Vegas), take US-95 North to the US-95 Alternate North, then NV-208 West to US-395 North. Gardnerville is located in Douglas County and US-395 North runs right through the center of the town and serves as the main street. Coming from the north (Reno), take the I-80 East to the I-580 South/US-395 South to Fairview Drive in Carson City. Take exit 38 and follow the US-395 into town.

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