This Nevada Hotel Built In 1859 Offers A Luxuriously Historic Getaway To Guests

From surprisingly elegant, Victorian-inspired inns to ritzy, swoon-worthy resorts dripping with amenities to humble accommodations that pay homage to our state’s Wild West roots, there’s no shortage of memorable places to stay in Nevada. The options are as diverse as the Silver State’s rugged landscape, in fact. But for the ultimate combination of luxury and B&B-inspired charm, the Tahoe House Hotel in Virginia City is definitely on our list of Nevada’s best historic hotels. This treasured slice of history is delightfully enveloped by Old West nostalgia, gorgeous views, and easy access to the heart of the Virginia Mountains. Check it out:

For a charming and historic getaway, the Tahoe House is absolutely worth visiting the next time you’re in Virginia City! You can book your stay  on the Tahoe House Hotel website. What are your favorite places to explore in the VC area?

History is everywhere in the Silver State! Take a hike on one of these incredible trails to historic ruins in Nevada.

Address: Tahoe House Hotel, 164 S C St, Virginia City, NV 89440, USA