The Story Behind This Haunted Nevada Prison Will Give You Nightmares

Nevada State Prison, located in Carson City, opened in 1862 as the Nevada Territorial Prison. It was among the oldest operating US penitentiaries until its closure. The prison was designed to accommodate 841 inmates and 211 employees; however, in September 2011, there were only 219 inmates. In 2012, the state closed the reportedly haunted Nevada prison due to budgetary reasons. Today, this haunted Nevada prison has attracted paranormal investigators as well as others who are curious about the penitentiary and who take advantage of the facility’s summer tours.

Whether Nevada State Prison is, indeed, haunted is something you’ll have to decide for yourself. I don’t know about you, but I firmly believe in ghosts and hauntings. Merely researching and writing this place will give me nightmares tonight. Have you visited this haunted Nevada prison? Did you experience any paranormal activity? Please share your thoughts, comments, and experiences below.