The Haunted Playground In Nevada That Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine

Nevada is no stranger to paranormal activity. There are all sorts of haunted places to explore throughout the Silver State. However, not every haunted place takes the form of a century-old building in some long-abandoned ghost town. Some of them can be found in every day places that we pass by without a second thought. For example, this popular city park is thought to be home to a haunted playground. The story behind this creepy haunt is both sad and chilling, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled the next time you visit. Read on to find out what’s lurking at this haunted playground in Nevada:

Did you know about this haunted playground in Nevada? Whether you believe in ghosts or not, you have to admit there’s something fishy about this place. Be sure to take a look at our list of 11 haunted places in Nevada that will haunt your dreams tonight… if you dare!

Address: Fox Ridge Park, 420 N Valle Verde Dr, Henderson, NV 89014, USA
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haunted playground in Nevada

November 23, 2021

What are some other haunted places in Nevada?

Nevada is a beautiful state to live in, but it’s definitely got its dark side too. It’s known for its ghost towns, haunted places, spooky old cemeteries, and a rough history during the days of the wild, wild west. Here are 10 spots in Nevada that are sure to disturb you as much as they have us. We’ll give you a sneak peek of the creepiness: for starters, there’s Pyramid Lake, one of the largest lakes in the state. It’s known for it’s strange rock formations and the blue-grayish color of the water. The lake has a dark history, though, and was the site of the Pyramid Lake War of 1860 between Native Americans and white colonizers. It’s also the source of many dark Paiute legends, who saw the lake as cursed and still to this day avoid it. There’s just something creepy about that dark water. Then there’s Horton Tunnel. This 900-foot mining tunnel was created back in the 1800s but supposedly hauntings were witnessed commonly between 2013 and 2014. While the haunting may or may not be real, it’s definitely a creepy place to be, so here it is on our list.

What are some ghost stories about Nevada?

Devils Hole is a place with a name that should keep you far, far away. But if it doesn’t, here’s what you can expect: this limestone cavern can be found in the Ash Meadows National Wildlife Refuge. There’s a pool at the bottom of Devils Hole that is now completely fenced off as two boys died in it back in 1965. Charles Manson also had a fascination with the place and thought it was a way to get into hell… or so they say. Today it’s one of the most haunted places in the Silver State, and if you’re quiet, you might just hear the boys’ tortured screams…

Are there many creepy places in Nevada?

Oh yes — with over 600 ghost towns, plus loads of ghost stories and abandoned places, the Silver State is a downright creepy place to visit! One of the creepiest places to visit is Nevada State Prison. This gloomy prison in Carson City was the site of over 40 executions and is rumored to be haunted by the ghosts of criminals who died there. It’s yet another site that was featured on the Ghost Adventures TV show, as well as a news station in Carson City that had Northern Nevada Ghost Hunters investigate the place. The prison is now closed because of budget cuts, although the gas chamber has been used for executions since the prison was shut down. You can take a tour of the prison through the Nevada State Preservation Society. We also have a haunted pet cemetery that’s quite possibly the most unsettling place in the state. This creepy little cemetery can be found near Boulder City. The cemetery is home to the graves of at least 60 pets, though there’s a rumor going around that several victims of the mob are buried here. Another ghost that reportedly has been seen is that of a white cat who follows visitors around. Eek!

Address: Fox Ridge Park, 420 N Valle Verde Dr, Henderson, NV 89014, USA