Hiking To This Remote Geological Wonder In Nevada Is Like Traveling To Another Planet

You never know what type of oddities you’ll come across when exploring Nevada’s endless deserts. Contrary to popular belief, our desert landscapes are incredibly fascinating. Filled with odd geological wonders and breathtaking scenery, exploring these landscapes sometimes feels like traveling to another planet. This hike is no exception. Leading you straight to one of the most mind-boggling (and photogenic) natural wonders, this trail will leave you in complete awe of what Mother Nature is capable of.

Look at a trail map for the Fire Wave hike here. Please keep in mind that this hike is only recommended during the cooler months of the year. There is little to no shade on the trail, and summer temperatures are known to peak at well over 100 degrees. Be safe, and save this trail for a day when the weather will comply.

Have you seen this geological wonder in person yet? If not, you’ll want to be sure you check it off your list soon! For more natural oddities, check out this list of 12 Natural Wonders In Nevada You Must Visit Immediately.

Address: Valley of Fire, Nevada 89040, USA