Five Different Planets Will Align In The Nevada Night Sky During An Incredibly Rare Display

Turn your gaze to Nevada’s night sky this month for a spectacular show featuring not one, but five, planets that will be visible to the naked eye! Look for Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn as they travel across the celestial sky in their natural order in our solar system. This is sure to be a delightful cosmic treat for anyone looking for a view that comes around only once in a very long time!

Get ready for a show-stopper month this June as, for the first time since December 2004, five planets begin to line up and become easier to see to the naked eye as June days wear on. Grab a hot cup of coffee and a blanket and set your alarm early for this fantastical event that you won’t want to miss!

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Nevada’s vast and wonderful landscape is the perfect setting for star gazing. Visit the Tonopah Stargazing Park for some of the most spectacular night skies in the country!