You Won’t Want To Visit This Notorious Nevada Cemetery Alone Or After Dark

If you’ve lived in Nevada for some time, you’ve likely stumbled upon all sorts of creepy spots. From old haunted saloons to clown-themed motels, our state is full of them. However, one of the creepiest has got to be the notorious cemetery located in the living ghost town of Goldfield. This is the type of graveyard that looks like it could the filming location in a scary movie. However, a spooky atmosphere isn’t all that this place contains. Goldfield Cemetery is chock full of unique regional history and you’ll definitely want to experience it for yourself—just don’t go alone.

Have you visited this creepy cemetery? Did you experience anything “out of the ordinary”? Let us know in the comments! If you enjoy checking out our state’s scariest spots, be sure to check out This Haunted House Road Trip Through Nevada That’s Not For The Faint Of Heart.