The Longest Tunnel In Nevada Has A Truly Fascinating Backstory

If you’ve ever found yourself driving along Interstate 80 just east of the tiny community known as Carlin, chances are you passed through a set of tunnels known collectively as Carlin Tunnel. Believe it or not, these tunnels have been around for well over a century. You may be thinking “What’s the big deal?”, but you have to consider the history that has traveled through these tunnels over the years. In fact, Carlin Tunnel is a must-see for any Nevadan who enjoys exploring the places that have made our state the place that it is today. Take a look:

Have you ever driven through Carlin Tunnel? Do you know any other fascinating stories associated with these tunnels? Let us know in the comments! It turns out the Silver State is home to all sorts of interesting man-made wonders. Have you seen this amazing hiking trail that takes you through an abandoned train tunnel?