The Breathtaking Bowers Mansion In Nevada You Must Visit This Year

For those who have grown up in and around Reno, the Bowers Mansion is a part of the community. At over 150 years old, the mansion not only stands as a historic marker but as an inviting place for all to enjoy. Step back in time to the opulent days of the Comstock mining boom and visit the Bowers Mansion in Nevada, where all were welcomed then and now.

Relive the Victorian era at the stunning Bowers Mansion in Reno, Nevada. Not simply educational, this historical place tells the story of Nevada. Visit to learn about an important time in history and to better understand Nevada today.

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If you’re a history buff that enjoys exploring the state, then take a journey to a historic fort in Nevada that’ll take you back in time.

Address: 4005 Bowers Mansion Rd, New Washoe City, NV 89704

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