This Enormous Warehouse Of Books In Nevada, Grassroots Books, Will Be Your New Favorite Destination

For book nerds, there isn’t anything lovelier than spending the day perusing one of our state’s amazing bookshops. Nevada is home to some great places to pick up both new and used books, but there’s one store that has especially made an impression on book lovers for its massive size and wide selection. This store is more like a book warehouse and it’s like paradise for those with a bookish interest. Home to thousands upon thousands of books, you could spend an entire weekend looking through them all! The next time you’re craving something new to read, you know where to go.

Have you had the opportunity to visit this book warehouse yet? There’s never a bad time to go book shopping! Check out another unique bookish destination when you read about this haunted book shop in Nevada.

Address: 660 E Grove St, Reno, NV 89502, USA