These 12 Cities In Nevada Have The Best Weather In The Entire State

With only 9.5 inches of rain each year, Nevada is the least rainy state in the U.S. On average, Nevada has an overall state average of 252 sunny days per year. Of course, some cities and towns in Nevada have a higher number of sunny days than others. After looking at Sperling’s Best Places, we found that the following 12 cities and towns have the highest average of sunny days each year.

Note: All of the following cities and towns are located in Clark County. Clark County has an average of 292 sunny days each year. The metro area has an overall average of 300 sunny days each year. Listed below is the average number of sunny days these cities and towns have each year.

Do you agree with this ranking? Where do you go in Nevada to escape the rainy weather? Let us know in the comments below!