Here Are The Best Times And Places To View Gorgeous Fall Foliage In Nevada

With the passage of Labor Day, white shoes and pants are put away, the temperatures start to drop, plans for football tailgating parties begin, Halloween costumes are created, and thoughts turn to autumn and the changing of the leaves. Many people—myself included—truly look forward to day trips out of the city to become one with nature, and witnessing the brilliant colors of gorgeous fall foliage is often high atop the list. Here are the best times to see the miracle of nature this autumn and view gorgeous fall foliage.

Take a look at the following interactive map from Smoky Mountains where you can discover the best times and places to see glorious fall foliage.

As you scroll ahead on the map, you can see that by the beginning of October, northern Nevada will be in peak viewing season, while the southern parts of the state will begin to see the leaves change.

By the second week of October, the northeast part of the state will be beyond the peak viewing period; however, the rest of the state will be coming into full bloom.

Nevada is truly a beautiful state. From the mountains to the lakes to the southern deserts, the beauty of nature is all around. Seeing the leaves change as the summer heat yields to autumn is a popular activity, and, as you can see, there are many places across the state to witness this miracle of nature. Where is your favorite place to see gorgeous fall foliage in Nevada? Please comment below.