There’s An Art Park In Nevada And It Might Just Be The Most Eccentric Destination In The State

Reno has been going through quite the transformation recently. In the past, this lively city was seen as nothing more than Las Vegas’ younger sibling, with nothing but casinos and hotels as its “attractions”. However, Reno has proven itself to be much more than a smaller version of the world’s gambling capital. Today, it boasts all sorts of unique destinations and it’s definitely grown in terms of art, culture, and food. In fact, its art district has turned into one of the most eccentric destinations in the state and it boasts an entire “art park” to prove it. See a side of our state that most people don’t even know about and be sure to check it out!

Were you aware that Reno had its very own art park? It just goes to show that The Biggest Little City In The World is full of surprises. For more wacky destinations, check out our list of 10 Museums In Nevada That Are Just Too Weird For Words.