These Lazy Rivers In Nevada Are Perfect For Tubing On A Summer’s Day

Lazy rivers and tubing in the summer go together like bread and butter, peanut butter and jelly, and, well, bacon and anything. In Nevada, the lush beauty of the various rivers through the different landscapes dividing the north and south parts of the state offer different tubing experiences. However, because Nevada is largely a desert state—particularly the southern half—there aren’t many rivers calm enough to accommodate tubing. Nevertheless, do not fear, these three scenic, relaxing, and fun lazy rivers in Nevada are truly perfect for tubing on a scorching summer’s day.

In addition to these three natural lazy rivers in Nevada, you can find others at the state’s epic water parks, as well as in the Silver State’s (particularly Las Vegas) hotel resort pools; many of which boast truly spectacular lazy rivers. In fact, Mandalay Bay Beach’s lazy river is one of Las Vegas’ best.

Have you had the pleasure of tubing down any of these three scenic and relaxing lazy rivers in Nevada? Which was your favorite? Do you know of any others I may have missed? Please comment below.