These 12 Nevada Towns Have The Silliest Names But Are So Worth A Visit

Every state has cities and towns with silly names and Nevada is no different. While many of the Silver State’s towns are named for Native American words or people, or for those who founded them, some are just, shall we say, odd. Take a look at these 12 Nevada towns with some of the silliest names that you simplyl must visit.

There are far more that could have been included on this list such as Jiggs, Gabbs, Tuscarora, Seven Troughs, Carp, Wabusca, Yerington, Gerlach, Moapa, Duckwater, and Panaca, to name a few. Keep an eye out for a possible sequel article.

How many of these towns with some of the silliest names have you visited? Did I leave your favorite silly-name Nevada town off this list? Please comment below.