The Worst Drivers In The Nation Are Found In Omaha, Nebraska According To A New Study

If you’ve ever gotten behind the wheel in Omaha, you’ve probably noticed them: those famous Omaha drivers. They tend to be a little aggressive, a little territorial, and sometimes maybe a bit distracted. And that’s not just our opinion – auto insurance platform QuoteWizard analyzed drivers in America’s 70 largest cities and found that Omaha drivers are the worst in the nation. Wait, let’s throw that in reverse. That was last year – only one year later and Omaha, Nebraska has moved to position 25 on the bad driver’s list. Way to go Omaha! Well, kind of – there are still plenty of people in the Nebraska worst drivers club.

Unless you are part of the Omaha worst drivers club you might have a different opinion of drivers in Omaha. Are drivers in Omaha pretty bad, or do you agree with QuoteWizard’s new assessment? What city do you think has the worst drivers? Add your opinions in the comments!


Address: Omaha, NE, USA

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Worst and best drivers in the US

January 05, 2023

Where are the worst drivers in the US?

When it comes to driving, some states have definably ‘worse’ drivers than others. For example, New Jersey has long been known for its aggressive and dangerous drivers and has previously been named the worst driving state in the US by an insurance company research study. But the data keeps changing and new states bubble to the surface each year. So where are the worst drivers in the US right now? California. Cities in California have claimed eight of the top ten spots on the worst drivers list. Here are the 10 cities in the US with bad drivers:

1 Bakersfield, CA
2 Sacramento, CA
3 Baton Rouge, LA
4 Los Angeles, CA
5 San Francisco, CA
6 San Diego, CA
7 Fresno, CA
8 Riverside, CA
9 Richmond, CA
10 Jacksonville, FL

What cities have the best drivers in the US?

When we take a few factors into consideration we can rate drivers to determine which cities have the best drivers. The cities with the lowest incidents of accidents, DUIs, speeding tickets, and citations rank higher on the list. Here are the 10 cities with the best drivers based on those factors:

1 Louisville, KY
2 Hartford, CT
3 Little Rock, AR
4 Oklahoma City, OK
5 Tulsa, OK
6 Dallas, TX
7 Pittsburgh, PA
8 Detroit, MI
9 Houston, TX
10 Chicago, IL

Did any of those cities surprise you? If you drive in any of the cities above, both good and bad, we’re pretty sure there are still plenty of rude drivers causing slowdowns and frustration, but the data doesn’t lie. At least this year, next year’s data coulee be completely different.

Address: Omaha, NE, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.