8 Epic Wine Tours You Need To Take In Nebraska This Year

It seems many people are under the impression that you need a balmy Mediterranean climate to produce the best wine grapes. Those people must not have had the opportunity to taste Nebraska wines. Although our climate is temperamental and our growing season is shorter than in, say, Bordeaux, Nebraska soil produces some exceptional grapes.

Our grapes aren’t the same as those grown in France, Italy, or even Napa Valley. The distinct taste of a wine comes from the soil, the air, the sun, and the water where the grapes are grown as well as the variety of grape. Nebraska wines reflect our state’s unique growing conditions. They are quite literally unlike any other wines you’ll ever taste.

The first commercial winery in Nebraska since Prohibition has been operating since 1994. In the intervening two decades, approximately 30 more have opened their doors to share the fruits of their vines. If you’re curious to try these uniquely delicious libations (and why wouldn’t you be?), these eight wine tours, organized by Nebraska Wine Tours, put Nebraska wines within easy reach.

Each tour begins and ends at a central location. The cost of the tour includes transportation, special winery access with a dedicated tour guide, and wine tastings. You pay one fee that covers everything except gratuities and any wine you want to purchase along the way. You only have to get to the meeting place and then find a safe way home afterward – after tasting all of those delicious wines, having a designated driver to get you home is a great idea. Your tour guide will have snacks available to purchase (and most of the wineries offer some food options as well), but you are welcome to bring along a cooler of food to keep you fueled up throughout the day.

While on a tour, your tour guide will offer up interesting information about each facility and their wines. Think of them as your wine sherpa for the day; they are there to guide you through the experience and even get you exclusive access that other visitors only wish they got. And if you don’t feel like sharing your sherpa, private tours are also offered.

Tours run on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May through October. Choose your favorite tour and then contact Nebraska Wine Tours to set up your adventure. Cheers!