The Incredibly Enchanting Spot in Nebraska Most People Have Never Heard Of

Finding a hidden treasure, something you never would have imagined exists, is maybe one of the sweetest feelings in life. On the Steamboat Trace Trail near Peru, carvings and sculptures in the sandstone cliffs take many visitors by surprise. The collection is the work of one man, and it took decades to create.

Plenty of interested people have kept the Roland Sherman legend alive by documenting the carvings and the stories that accompany them. One such person is Peru State College professor Bill Clemente, who kindly granted me permission to feature his photographs here. Above is a video he made featuring his own photographs along with some given to him by Roland Sherman’s family.

You can visit the carvings on the Trace Trail just south of Peru. Traversing the entire Roland Sherman Memorial Area will only take you around 15 minutes on foot. You can view the carvings and sculptures from the trails, but there are barriers to prevent visitors from getting too close to them. According to TrailLink, the trail is closed from mid-November to early January because it is located in a popular hunting area. Plan your visit for after the beginning of the new year, and be sure to come back to share your experience with us!