The Tiny Farming Town In Nebraska That Survived Against All Odds

There are several towns in Nebraska that have, at one time or another, been called “the town that was too tough to die.” We Nebraskans are a tough breed, and we don’t give up easily. But there’s one town in particular that has survived – and even thrived – against all odds.

Pilger will undoubtedly never be the same, but residents don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. The “new” Pilger is stronger than ever and growing every day. New businesses are moving in and the town is actively encouraging new home construction. Even now, more than three years after the tornadoes, you can still see the town’s scars. But they’re fading every day.

We Nebraskans all tend to be very hard to break. Need proof? Here are 9 reasons we’re unbelievably tough.