This Glampground In Nebraska Will Give You An Unforgettable Experience

Your idea of a vacation is staying in a four-star hotel with room service and 24-hour pool access. Your significant other’s idea of a vacation is sleeping on the dirt, miles away from a bathroom. Glamping (short for glamour camping) is a compromise that lets you feel pampered (and protected from coyotes) and your S.O. feel like you’re camping. Slattery Vintage Estates Vineyard and Tasting Room, just outside of Nehawka, was one of the first places in Nebraska to offer this trendy form of lodging.

You probably won’t convince any die-hard outdoorsmen that glamping is anywhere near the same thing as camping, but the promise of electricity and beds may win over the adamant anti-camper. You’ll still need to deal with the lack of an in-room bathroom, however (there’s an outhouse nearby). Slattery Vintage Estates offers glamping facilities for $60 on weeknights and $85 on weekends. Their website has more information.

Although there are some solidly luxurious cabin rentals out there, this is the only true glamping site currently operating in Nebraska…as far as we know. Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments.