The Sinister Story Behind This Popular Nebraska Lake Will Give You Chills

Nebraska has seen its share of crimes and sinister characters over the years, and they have all left a mark on the state in some way. One horrific crime even involved a beloved recreation area that became an unfortunate character in a grisly tale.

The discovery of the body parts was only one small moment in the history of the absolutely beautiful Medicine Creek Recreation Area and shouldn’t dissuade visitors from going out to experience the lake and surrounding area. However, one can’t help but wonder if the souls of Edwin and Wilma Hoyt found peace after their bodies were unceremoniously dropped into the water here.

A book and screenplay have been written about the crime; read “In Cold Storage; Sex and Murder on the Plains” by James W. Hewitt for a fascinating, thorough account of the case. You may never look at this lake the same way again.