Beware: These 10 Counties In Nebraska Have The Most Sex Offenders

As much as we like to think that our little slice of heaven is the safest place in the world, Nebraska has crime and criminals just like any other state. When an individual is convicted of a sexual crime, their name and address are placed on a sex offender registry which is a matter of public record. Many people like to refer to this list to see if they are living in a community that they consider safe for their family. Some offenders must register for life while others only remain on the registry for a certain number of years as determined by a judge.

We used information from and the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry to compile a list of the counties with the highest concentration of sex offenders per 10,000 people. The numbers are reported per 10,000 people to give an accurate comparison among counties with vastly different populations. A map of each county below shows approximate locations for each person; on the maps where there appear to be fewer pins than offenders, it is because there are multiple registered sex offenders in that location.

All of this information is a matter of public record and available for your own review at HomeFacts and the Nebraska Sex Offender Registry.

The national average ratio of sex offenders to residents is 14.64 per 10,000 residents, so all of these counties have significantly higher sex offender ratios than the country’s average. Were any of these a surprise to you?

All data in the above article is pulled from third party sources such as HomeFacts and City-Data. OnlyInYourState doesn’t guarantee the information above is perfectly accurate or current, although we have done our best to ensure that it is. For further questions, please consult the proper state agency.