The Legend Of Nebraska’s Screaming Bridge Will Make Your Hair Stand On End

The tiny ghost town of Spring Ranch, Nebraska, in Clay County, is rather unremarkable save one detail: it was the site of the only known lynching of a female in the state. Today you’ll see a cemetery, some building foundations, and a bridge that’s said to host the spirits of Spring Ranch’s most well-known former inhabitants.

Spring Ranch is located in Clay County. If you want to visit, the easiest way is to point your GPS to 40.40651, -98.24841 (the coordinates of the cemetery) or 40°26’14.7″N 98°14’25.2″W (the coordinates of the historical marker). You’ll find the bridge not too far away on the county road.

Have you ever visited the haunted Spring Ranch bridge? Did you encounter any ghostly sights or sounds? Tell us about it in the comments!

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